pest control park city

Most pests in general are completely harmless but there are few that can be health treathing to you and your family. Sometimes it is really hard to know exactly which ones are safe and which ones are not, but it is definitely important to make sure your home is completely pest free. As the summertime is coming around that is when pests usually make their way into your home. If you notice a single pest in your home you want to make sure you contact pest control park city immediately.

Top 4 Most Harmful Pests


These little creatures called termites usually dont need any sleep and will do their work 24/7 around your home, which makes them one of the worse pests. Termites can cause so much damage to your home, they will chew on the floor, clothes or any furniture you have. If you dont seek professional hellp immediately it can result in thousands of dollars in damage. Termites are very small bugs and are about the size of an ants. If you have pets, your pet might mistake the termites for a treat and eat them and that can result in some health issues. 


Scorpions love to live in very hot and dry areas, they are  commontly found in arizona. With scorpions you have to be very careful because they are small so they can pretty much access any rooms in your home. They are mostly know for their stinger that is located on their back, they use their stinger to apply venom to their pray including us humans and our pets. Most of the scorpions that live in your home are harmless when it comes to their venom but there are some that are very poisonous and can cause death. If you ever find a scorpion in your home dont attempt to kill it your self, contact pest control park city

Bees And Wasps

Nothing is more annoying than a bee flying around you while you are enjoying your lunch. Bees love to live underground in very dark areas, so that us humans can really find them. These flying little bugs can aslo be found near your flowers and fruits. Both bees and wasps are very much look alike but they both can give you a painful sting. Wasps are more aggressive then bees and are more likely to sting you before a bee does. The best way to tell them apart is to know that bees are bigger and haryer than a wasp. 


No bugs are more gross and creepy than a spiders is, and definitely nobody likes spiders. This 8 legged bug can make their own web so that they can catch any predators. Spiders can be pretty much found anywhere in the world, the only place where thay cant be found is Antartica. Spiders are usually found in dark corners or any space between walls. Spiders will bite humans if they make contact, they will definitely not hesitate.